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                                    Charles Scoville

Let’s make money by Traffic Monsoon

Hello friends

first of all I like to introduce the site Traffic Monsoon. Lots of people are thinking that this is a PTC site of clicking ads and a traffic exchange site.

 But the truth is Traffic Monsoon is a Revenue share site where you can make money. In addition it’s a normal PTC site and a Traffic Exchange site as you all are aware where you can make a small amount of money. If we are able to find the direct referrals on the other sites which we are working this site will be a useful one. That will happen quickly with the things I’m going to tell.

First target is to create 25 ad packs. After that the process will be fast. You can reach 50 ad packs by 25-30 days. And if you need the money you can withdraw all of it in the middle also. Money will be paid in less than 24 hours.

payment proof
$50000 USD

How to buy add packs of the Revenues share company
Follow the steps that are given below

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 Step 1:
  Click the 20 PPC/1000 Credits link in Buy sharing position

 Step 2:
  Click the setup a new banner ad link

 Step 3:
  If there is a banner that you want to promote, select it. If you don't sure ,select due to way as given the top and save.

 Step 4:
  Click the Back to my ads after 10 second timer ends

 Step 5:
 Click the green color buy ad's pack button of the banner that you added

 Step 6:
Choose the number of ad packs that you want to buy and select your payment process.(payza). click the preview button. u can see the cost of your purchase. Next, click the pay now button and complete your purchase.

one add pack cost is $50, if you invest about $500 ,you can get $150 within 5 days. The more you invest, the more you gain

 Security of TrafficMonsoon account

join Revenues share company

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 Use 2 password for your account due to security conditions.
ex: 1st password and 2nd password
Remember well the pin number that you entered, its compulsory when you withdraw your money

 When you log in to your account if the message that given below in picture can be shown sometimes. Don't get worried about it, if you disconnect your internet connection and log it again. It will be okay.

You also can join with Revenues share company and enjoy your investment. 

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Traffic Monsoon Humanity

 Traffic Monsoon Pay £32,425 ($50,078.79) to Unicef Charity

TRAFFIC MONSOON Don’t Post Large Cheques of What We Have Earned.  We Post Cheques Of Who We Have Helped .

Why I Chose UNICEF ?  The Main Reason Was To Find a Charity Not Linked To any Religion & Would Be Able To Help The Children Of The World .

On 20th October, 2015 Traffic Monsoon Presented the Cheque To Representatives of UNICEF at their London Offices .

We Were Informed That it Cost 4.4p or 7c to Immunise A Child so Our Traffic Monsoon Fund Has Raised Enough to Make A Difference to over 60 million Children Around The World .

If All members gave a few cents then we could all help many more children around the world.

Trafficmonsoon of people and ideas


Traffic Monsoon Strategy for upgrade Users

If you are going to buy ad packs you should by minimum 4-10 ad packs. That’s the first investment I mentioned earlier. I’ll explain it using a simple example.

Let’s consider that you are buying 10 ad packs, it will cost 500$. The profit is 10*5=50$. The maturity will take 50 days. Because the daily revenue will be added to your account from the day you purchased the ad blocks. You’ll get 10$ per day. It means after five days your account will receive 50$ automatically. We shall invest that 50$ again to buy ad packs. So the total ad pack now you have is 11. So you’ll get 11$ per day. Hence you can buy the ad pack in 4 ½ day. Hope you understand that the more ad packs you buy the days will be reduced. The re-invest will lead you to buy large amount of ad packs.

Now you are aware how to build your account. If you try this process continuously with 25 ad packs, you can buy ad packs in two days duration. If you are able to get 50 ad packs you can buy one ad pack per day. You’ll get 5$ profit per day and 150$ per month, without adding any extra money using your first investment only. You can decide on the number of ad packs you need when you stats the account referring to the money you need at the month end.

First target is to create 25 ad packs. After that the process will be fast. You can reach 50 ad packs by 25-30 days. And if you need the money you can withdraw all of it in the middle also. Money will be paid in less than 24 hours.

The way Traffic Monsoon works

there are two ways

1. Working as a free user without investing money
2. Working as a Active Upgrade User by investing money which leads you to make lot of money.
Only 10 minutes work I enough for both users. Hence I’m letting you know the basic important things that you should know to work on this site. Let’s get started. As a help, Register and create an account by the clicking the following link.


Insert your original details. Write down the withdraw code (PIN number) as you need it to withdraw the money. Remember to submit the Payza Email address while registering. Do not enter anything under Paypal and Solid Trust Pay. The Payza account you are providing is essential to bring the money. You can’t change it later. It’s a good option Traffic Monsoon have on our security purpose.

Remember to activate the account clicking the activation link you receive to your email address. If you are a free user you’ll get the free ads on morning and evening. To get those ads create an account and log in. after you watch the first ad which is appearing go to the dashboard. After that you’ll see your account. Click on the start surfing button on your account.

After watching ten ads which are appearing go to my account, you’ll see that you have got free ads. After watching those you’ll see that your time is activated for 24 hours. You’ll receive free ads until it’s activate. It means if you watch 10 ads at a time your account will receive free ads for 24 hours.

The other advantage is you get referral earnings if they are active. After you watch at morning again you can log at evening and watch the free ads. You’ll make a little amount of money as a free user. Then how can you make a lot of money per day as a free user?
Forward Message

 The important things of "Traffic Monsoon"

1. The fee of paid for First ad packs via payza is mentioned below. Keep this on your mind what is the payment of Traffic Monsoon not allowed to be withdraw with any other email it`s allow for Payza email address only Payza Fee ------ 3.90% + 0.59$ You haven`t any other charges because you buy it from your account balance

2. You can check your money of first ad packs and profit by clicking green box which is given by my excel file. so that you can get idea about "all of depending on first investment" so if you decide to invesment more money to that, you can do it

3. Don`t get hopes to invest today and get more profit tomorrow, You can get continues daily profit from traffic monsoon site by the time period and endurance of your so that please get your attention to improve your free ad pack or continue as free user as long as you can This is very success method to find out Direct Referrals to your other sites.You can get privilages to do that with premium account Just join with me and start to do Traffic Monsoon

This Is How You Are Really Ever Going To Earn Big With Traffic Monsoon

How to make money from the internet is probably something that a lot of people are looking so much into in the current times. There are thousands of places and multiple ways to earn money online. Yet, a huge percentage of people have no clue how to do so. Because of that, majority don’t make a single penny and sometimes loose even the little they had. The struggle is big and very real.

I might have seen Traffic Monsoon ads a couple of hundred times before i took a step to join the family. For two years i had struggled to make money online and even lost some at some point. it took me sometime to process whether this site(Traffic Monsoon) that everyone was so much talking and sharing earning screenshots of could be a thing that would finally get me out there to shine like everyone else.


Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate 


I wanted to make money. I knew what was required to make money with Traffic Monsoon. I took action, probably the hardest and most difficult one. I plunged in with almost 40 ad packs (That is $2000, money that i had to borrow to get started and probably the most i have ever spent anywhere on the internet). I decided to step out of my own comfort zone and make things happen. That was a risk i had to take because I understood to make money i had to spend money.

Three months down the road, here is the most interesting part. Am i still in debt? No I’m not. Why not? Because i have already paid back the $2000 from Traffic Monsoon’s earnings.

Let me tell you a short story. I woke up this morning, found two commission notifications emails, those that i now receive daily whenever my referrals purchase ad packs. I’m kind of used to this now. There was also one that i had referred a new member to Traffic monsoon. Went on to log on to my account, found $120 earned in less than 24 hours, some of it while i was asleep. Purchased two more packs and went on with my daily businesses.

Earning more than $100 daily is something that i never imagined possible a couple of months ago. I’m quite aware there are people earning more than this out there but at the same time there are a lot more who are not making anything even with a concept as simple as Traffic Monsoon.

Why Am Saying All this.

I have come to learn that there are some people who joined Traffic Monsoon and expected the magic to just happen. I see it all the time in Facebook TM groups when people post screenshots of thousands of dollars earned. There are people who would ask why they are not making the same kinda money. The common reply is always buy ad packs.

Now i can’t figure out whether these people are too broke , afraid or they just can’t understand the revenue sharing concept. I intend to purely explain to people how they can really make money online with Traffic monsoon. Not single digit income but four, five, six and even seven figure income like everyone else.

How To Make Money With Traffic Monsoon.

Before anything, let me get a few facts straight.

1:    Traffic Monsoon is not an investment company, opportunity program, mlm or a hyip site. Its purely an advertising company that shares sales revenues with its members. When you put your money on the site, you are basically purchasing advertising services that Traffic Monsoon offers. No guarantees of income whatsoever. The revenue sharing depends entirely on the sales revenues that the company makes.

2: You are not going to make any sizable income from cashlinks alone. Cash-links are paid to click ads that members purchase. You’ll be rewarded anywhere from $0.001 to $0.01 every-time you click on a cash link. The same applies when your referrals click on cashlinks. You’ll earn 100% commissions on that as well though its not going to make you rich unless you have thousands of referrals who are actively clicking everyday. I have been with Traffic Monsoon for almost 4 months now and I have earned less than $10 from my own clicks and about $30 from my referral clicks. You get the picture.

3: The only way you are going to make good income is by purchasing sharing ads (ad packs). purchasing one or a number of these will qualify you for the company’s revenue sharing and you’ll earn something every hour depending on the number of ad packs you have. The more you have the more you’ll earn.

4:You can only withdraw funds daily from a processor that you originally purchased advertising from. Pretty common. if you have never purchased any ad packs but you have earned something from cashlinks or affiliate commissions, you can only withdraw from Paypal. This is always so because admins try to control funds balances between processors.

Steps to making money with Traffic monsoon.

I can guarantee you that if you follow these steps you will succeed with traffic monsoon.
How do i know?

Because i have used these and they work for me. That’s how i’m earning more than $100 daily. Could be in the thousands by the time you are reading this.

Make A Commitment.
You need to declare to yourself that you want to succeed. You need to act and decide that you’ll make things work no matter what. You need faith, patience and consistence. That’s how i went on and borrowed $2000, purchased ad packs and started working daily towards growing my Traffic Monsoon account. If i hadn’t declared to myself that i wanted to really make money, then i would have probably stayed with cashlinks alone which would have taken me nowhere.

Payment Processor Research
You need to be sure that you’ll be able to withdraw money from a system before you join a program. Now i understand that Traffic Monsoon accepts global memberships but it doesn’t mean all payment processors will send funds to anyone anywhere in the world. When Paypal can send funds to someone in United State without any problem, it doesn’t mean it will do the same for someone in Tanzania.

It happened to me once that i had earned a lot with one site but when it came to withdrawing my money it’s when i discovered that Paypal could not send money to my country and so i lost everything.

You need to find out what processor between Paypal ,Payza and solid trust pay will work best for you in your country. After finding out, then that’s what you use to purchase advertising so you can withdraw with the same.


Join Traffic Monsoon

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate 


Skip this if you are already a member. If you are not, you can join through here. It’s advised to use a gmail email. Make sure to confirm your membership through the confirmation email you’ll be sent after you join. You’ll also be asked to put the email of your preferred payment processor account.


Click On Cash-links Daily

Even though you are aiming for the stars, don’t ignore these. As penny cents as they are, they are still income. Not forgetting its advertisement that someone paid for. Also you’ll be earning your sponsor a commission out of your clicks just like your referrals will earn you.
Don’t forget:
“One penny may seem to you a very insignificant thing, but it is the small seed from which fortunes spring.” – Orison Swett Marden
Cash links have also got their part to play in making the entire Traffic Monsoon system work.


Buy Ad packs

I can’t press enough on how important this is. It doesn’t matter what your excuse is, bottom line, if you want to make good money with Traffic Monsoon, you’ll have to purchase ad packs at some point. There is no other way.
I don’t know your story, excuse or your bank account balance. My advise is always going to be, start as big as you can because you are going to grow fast, you’ll repurchase ad packs fast and most importantly you’ll break even faster. That’s what i learned from spending $2000 straight out of pocket. My heart was racing when i was spending that, but now i wish i had $5000 that day because i’m seeing the benefits.

I understand we are not the same. While it was easier for me to get someone to lend me $2000, it could be harder for someone to else to even access $500. There is an easier way to get your account growing without having to spend a fortune.

Rob Fraiser’s approach to get to 10 ad packs (Broke Man’s guide to 10 packs)

This is a strategy i got from Rob Fraiser its called the broke mans approach. Basically this will help you to get to 10 packs and from there on you’ll be able to repurchase an ad pack every five days without spending a dime from your pocket.

NOTE: This works with the current Traffic Monsoon earning trends, that is $1 daily for each active pack you have

Broke Man’s Aprroach
  • Purchase one pack for $50 from your pocket.
  • Stay qualified in the revenue share by surfing 10 ads daily.
  • After 7 days(week) you’ll have $7 in your account.
  • Use that $7 plus $43 from you pocket to purchase the second pack.
  • Now you’ll have 2 packs earning $2 daily which will add up to $14 after 7 days.
  • Use that $14 plus $36 from you pocket to purchase a third pack.
  • Repeat the process until you are up to 10 packs where you can purchase a pack every 5 days.
Its slower but you’ll definitely get there. Even after hitting 10 packs, You can keep using external funds whenever you can until you are able to purchase a pack daily out of Traffic Monsoon earnings alone.
After you hit 50 packs, you’ll start experiencing fast growth.


Stay Qualified

You are required to surf a minimum of 10 pages in the traffic exchange every 24 hours. That way, you stay qualified to receive revenue shares every hour. Once the timer runs out and turns red, you’ll stop receiving any shares.


Refer people to Traffic Monsoon

This is the second way you can earn a sizable pay in TM. Every time one of your referrals purchases an ad pack, you earn a 10% commission ($5). The more referrals you have the more you’ll earn.

I purchase 2 ad packs daily. That’s $100 spent and also that’s a $10 commission my sponsor makes daily from me alone. Assuming my sponsor has 5 people like me, then that’s $50 he/she makes daily. But what if he has a whole bunch of referrals like me? You get the idea.

 The only way you can get referrals is by promoting. Traffic monsoon has all the basic promotional tools for you to get started right away ranging from banners to splash pages.You can promote these or you can design your own custom banners, splash pages or sales pages for much better results.

Places You can promote Traffic Monsoon
  • Your blog – My best signups came from my blog (this blog)
  • YouTube Videos
  • Solo Ads – Very effective.
  • Traffic Exchanges – Saturated but if you stay consistent you might get sign ups.
  • Safe-lists – Same as Traffic Exchanges.
  • Classified Ads
  • Traffic Monsoon – Through massive clicks package.


Cash Out

You might wonder how is this a step when it’s so obvious. I must say, How you cash out has everything to do with how your account grows. If you withdraw more than you are repurchasing, then eventually you’ll run your account to the ground. That’s why you need a good cashing out strategy.

Its best to start cashing out when you have broken even already. Its also a good idea to use a cashing out strategy that will benefit you and at the same time ensure growth of your account so that you can keep cashing out more and more. All the time you should make sure that you are repurchasing more than you are cashing out.

 One adpack of Traffic Monsoon Company will cost you $50. Company will pay you $55. You will get a profit of $5.

One adpack will consist one share.
you will earn $55 from that share.
likewise for one share you will recieve the profit.
our company will pay you daily.
sometimes you might earn a bigger income. once you recieve $55 share will get deactivate.
you can earn more if you invest more on this company.
for example if you invest $500,$1000,$10000 you can earn more.

our company doesn;t focus only about money. we care about humanity too. we donated a several profit of the company to UNICEF. for the betterment of the children who are in need of education and health. you don't have to thinkg twice to invest on a company like this.therefore if you love your children and care about children please share this post. and dont forget to invest on our company.


Purchase more to earn more. Refer Many to Earn more. That’s how you are going to shine bright like a Diamond in Traffic Monsoon.  I hope this post was helpful. Let me know your additional thoughts in the comments below. Otherwise i wish you all happy earnings.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate 


One more thing, if you are not yet on this boat, i’d love you on my team, So join my traffic monsoon here.


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