Making a Payza Account

Hi friends today we are going to talk about how to make a Payza account. Payza is a Online Bank service, So let’s find out how to create a Payza account on Payza. First of all let's find out why we need a Payza account and importance of Payza Account. We can get help of Payza for all type of online payments and online shopping service. So now let's see how to make a Payza account.

1. As first step Click on the banner or the link to visit the site below.

   Get your FREE account with Payza

02. Click on ''Sing Up'' Button

 03. Select 'Personal' for account

 04.You have to fill all the required personal details to open your account.

 Fill your details as shown below
You would have receive an email from Payza to confirm your mail ID, If you didn't get any Mail Click on 'Resend my validation email' so you will get your validation email.

 Next Login to you email  and check on Payza Mail , Click on 'validate' link if the link didn't work copy the URL of the link and past on your browser.   

Click on 'complete profile setup' as per below picture

Then click on 'Get Started'

Remember to check your personal billing address is right as it's very important.

Do save password recovery question, security transaction pin in you may need it in future.

Transaction PIN is very important you can't send or withdrew money without Transaction PIN

Click on 'Take me home'

Next enter your custom massage, you can type anything on it. As an example type  'Hi' and save it and enter the Transaction pin and click on 'set up security'

Now you have complete your Payza account

lets learn how to verify the Payza account in your next post