How to verify a Payza Account

In our earlier post we talked about how to open a Payza account. if you haven't read our earlier post
 You can check it here

01. Log in to you Payza account
02. As have shown you below on the display picture which will you get to see once you log in

 03. Click on 'Verify Your Account' as on the picture

04. Next step is you have to submit the document.  For that click on the Document verification link

05. Now you may need your own document to verify your identity,
   To verify your identity you can use driving license, passport or your national id card. Capture both the sides of the document which you are going to submit on payza, do remember Payza will accept only clear view pictures (your face, address on the document need to be clearly visible on the pictures)
it's better to get  scanned for clear photos,
ex:- If you select to submit your driving license as verification document  tick driving license on the option which has given and  upload the picture which you have scanned/captured by clicking   'choose file' option and upload you document by clicking open --> Select

* I submit my national id for Document verification, it's in Sinhalese language but language doesn't matter.

Next you need your personal address verification document.
You can use Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Utility Bill, Phone Bill for address verification.

If you don't have about verification document scan your bank account book which shows your name and address and also a transaction which you did with in past 3 months and upload it.

If not you can use Credit Card Statement or Bank Statement to submit

*I submit my Mobitel Phone Bill for address verification.

The Click on 'Next' and 'Confirm'

Finally you have submitted your verification documents.

06. As it shown on below picture with in 3 or 4 business days  your Payza account  will be visible as 'personal verified'

In our next post will see how to add and verify credit/debit card on your Payza account.