How to add and verify VISA Credit/Debit Card in to your Payza account.

First I would like to explain you about Credit card / Debit card

We can add Credit card or Debit card in our Payza account. Getting a Credit card is not easy for an student or an unemployed person. Because as Credit card policy a permanent job and a big amount of deposit need be done to open a Credit card account. So if you don't have a Credit card account don't worry we can add our Visa Debit Card  on Payza.

(it may takes more than mention time to active a Visa Debit Card as Visa Debit Card dosn't have any  bank statement . So to get the correct information it may take few more additional days for Payza)

Let's activate the card.

01. Visit wallet and click on 'Credit card'.

02. as per below picture click on 'Add a Credit Card' option.

03. You will get below form, fill all the requested details. and remember you can't add Master Card on Payza

while adding card information you will have to fill CVV number of the card. look as the below picture and check on 3 digit number on your card and enter it.

Now you have ad your card in to Payza.

01. Visit wallet and click on 'Credit card'.
  As shown below validate it

 02. A page will be open for document submission

If you don't have  Debit Card or a bank statement get your bank passbook address page and a transaction which you did on last 3 months page scanned upload the document file where it required 'Credit Card statement '  Click on 'Choose file' button and upload the document

*You can also take picture of needed document and upload them too.

Your Bank passbook ?? Address , First Name and  Last Name need to be clear and visible.
 You will not face any difficulty if you are uploading your Credit Card details as Credit Card includes  bank statement.

03.  Scan your card front side and  upload it as shown on below picture at 'Front of Credit Card' option.

Edit the picture as shown below, and make only last 4 digits of the numbers are visible.

(I used my HNB debit card as Visa debit card. I have uploaded it here too)

04. As you did earlier scan your card back side and upload it to ' Back of Credit Card'
and Edit as only your CVV 3 numbers are visible

05. Upload all the documents and complete the process.
your care will get Valid within 3-4 business days.

While validating your card it may not accept your bank passbook, Then you will have to use a 'Submit Ticket'

How to put ‘Submit Tickets'

Click on below Link and Visit the page

Submit a Ticket to our Support Team

01. You will get a similar page as on the picture.

 02. Follow the below steps.

03.  Fill All the details 

Subject: - Validate Debit card

Message: -  Type your message in detail 

 and attach all the documents which you submit earlier and send it.

Payza will validate tour card with in 2  or 3 business days.

That's all for now Will see back with another post.